Helping professionals and students beat career anxiety and overwhelm through consistent career-related support, career planning, and persuasive document editing that helps you stand out.


“You were instrumental… in helping me to begin to pivot. The transition from who I was, to who I am now, you were a crucial part of that, and so that’s why, in agreeing to do this interview, I jumped at the opportunity, because I want others to experience your power too.

Kurtis Vermont, Co-Host of The Drip | Public Policy and Community Engagement

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I’m Chris-Ann,

Your Career Strategist and Editor.

Whether you’re a professional, student, or parent of a student:

You’re here because deep down, you know that consistent and expert support is what you need to move forward confidently.

This is where I come in. Want to know how? Click below to learn more about Editing and Career Planning.

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“I chose to work with Chris-Ann because I heard many great reviews from friends who have worked with her in the past and were successful.”

Eugenia A. | Healthcare

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“Service was great, gave me everything I thought I needed plus things I didn’t know I needed. The follow up support was outstanding!”
Daniel H. | Program and Project Management


“A conversation with Chris-Ann is like an efficiently moving conveyor belt…you start with a bunch of parts and you end with a product (concrete next steps) that you feel satisfied with.”
Amanda B. | Community Development and Non-profit Management


“I began this process with a general idea of what career I wanted to go into and no thought out way of achieving it. I was challenged to think about what mattered most and what I was willing and not willing to compromise in my career. I am now settled and confident in the career I have chosen to pursue. Thank you for helping me throughout this process.”
Alisha S. | Legal Services


“By consistently applying the advice that Chris-Ann gave, I was promoted twice in under 2 years, able to secure a position at a different company, and more than doubled my salary.”
Rohan F. | Financial Risk Management


“Since working with Chris-Ann, I’ve gotten a job with the resume she helped me with, I won 3 scholarships for college and I’m currently learning how to write a business plan, something I never thought I would ever write.”
Trevaun D. | Fitness and Community Engagement


It doesn’t need to feel overwhelming.

I use my research, resources, and editing skills to create persuasive professional documents that amplify your voice and articulate your value.

The Editing Process in 4 Steps


“I appreciated how encouraging Chris-Ann is during the process, and her uncanny ability to harness and present my skills in a way I haven’t been able to.”

RaeChelle-Faith H. | Government Relations and Public Policy

What Kind of Editing Do You Need?

  • Cover Letters and Resumes
  • Scholarship and Award Applications
  • Post-Secondary and Professional Program Applications including associated documents:
    • Supplementary Applications
    • Statements of Interest
    • Essays
    • Application Questionnaire Answers
    • Reference Letters



Okay, so you’ve decided that your documents need editing, direction, or a second opinion. What’s the next step? Your documents are evaluated based on our 4 Key Principles of Effectiveness and a report is provided with changes needed and tips to make your documents persuasive and submission-ready. Once you’ve received your report, you can decide whether to proceed with full-scale editing or not.



You’ve received your report and decided our editing process is for you. You’ll be prepped thoroughly on our client-recommended editing process. Prepare to be mostly hands-off, and receive the personalized support, attention, and clarity you need. Haven’t ordered your report yet?


Optimize Your LinkedIn

Do you know that a large percentage of recruiters scour LinkedIn and social media to find potential candidates? Now that your editing is complete, let’s make sure your LinkedIn looks as good as your cover letter and resume does. This service is only available to our Cover Letter and Resume editing clients. Why? We want your personal brand to be consistent from your resume to the interview.


Interview Preparation

No one likes to have a great resume, application, or recommendation, then completely bomb the interview. We help you prepare so you can confidently sail through your upcoming or potential interview. 60 and 90 minute sessions available. Once you’ve booked your session, you will be thoroughly prepped on the Interview Prep process.


“The help was most invaluable. She is worth every penny!”

Dr. Nikita L. | Research Sciences






It doesn’t need to feel overwhelming.

I’ll help you isolate and simplify the process into smaller steps and provide the ongoing support you need to get you the big wins.

Career Planning in 4 Steps


“By consistently applying the advice that Chris-Ann gave, I was promoted twice in under 2 years, able to secure a position at a different company, and more than doubled my salary.”

Rohan F. | Financial Risk Management

Where Do You Need Direction or Clarity with Your Career Goals and Dreams?

For Individuals and Groups1

  • Career Transitions and Long-Term Career Goals
    • Re-Location (From Another Country to Canada, From One Province/Territory to Another)
    • Vertical (Promotions – Internal, Similar, or Different Industry)
    • Lateral (Same Position – Internal, Similar, or Different Industry)
    • Job Redesign (Same Position, Negotiating Additional Responsibilities and/or Higher Income)
    • Exploratory and Unexpected Opportunities (Completely New or Uncalculated Career Path)
    • Second Career (Additional Career)
    • Starting a Business
  • Career Trajectory
    • Career-based Education and Training (Programs, Courses, Certifications, Internships etc.)
    • Associated Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Awards

1Groups – Recommended for youth programs, organizations, and accountability groups.



Okay, so you’ve decided that you want some direction and support for your next career move. What’s the next step? Let’s get to know each other a bit. Click below to tell us a bit about your story and goals, then book your Clarity Call and let’s see how we can help.



Know yourself. Make more informed decisions.
We help you gain more insight and clarity into your career motivations using our in-house self-assessment, based on a combination of relevant scientific research, methods, and resources to make more meaningful decisions for your career and for you.



See more wins.
We create a simple, effective action plan, based on your self-assessment, and include 1 week of Accountability Partnership so you can start quickly and get more done.


Accountability Partnership

Stay motivated.
Weekly goal setting and check-ins if you’re serious about getting things done and maintaining your momentum. If you struggle with meeting self-imposed deadlines, this is recommended on an ongoing basis.


“Well if I didn’t meet you, I’m not sure I would have landed where I did. So you’re a part of my story when people ask how… Truly, I appreciate you so much. You were such a blessing at a difficult time. This win is with your help.”

Lini R. | Administrative Services – Business Development

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Education and Career Paths

  • Business Administration and Development
  • Administrative Services – Various Industries
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Community Engagement and Development and Engagement
  • Customer Management and Services
  • Education and Training
  • Financial Coaching, Management, and Services
  • Fitness and Health
  • Government Relations
  • Healthcare, Medical, and Research Sciences
  • Human Resources and Payroll Administration
  • Legal Services
  • Logistics Coordination and Management
  • Non-for-Profit Management
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Public, Political, and Organizational Policy
  • Risk Management
  • Social Development Services


“Thanks so much. You are one of the biggest blessings in my life and I feel like without y’all, I wouldn’t be going into university as confident as I am. Thanks so much.”
Akilah L. | Biomedical Sciences

Young Professionals

“I just wanted to update you that I had three interviews today! I randomly applied to 8 jobs on indeed last week and from that, I got three interviews today which all went well. Thank you again for your help! Your guidance and work for my resume and cover letter really did the job.”
Rebeca S. | Administrative Services – Marketing and Communications

Mature Professionals

“Being more mature in age, updating my resume was a daunting task. Chris-Ann from REDU coached me through the process of identifying my skills at a high level while capturing them in a meaningful manner.”
Lois M. | Not-For Profit Management


“This is a valuable program. It is delivered in an informative and relatable way. Through projects and challenges, the participants are able to build their resumes while receiving encouragement and support in learning how to apply for scholarships, present themselves to future employers, consider business development, and more. They are building self-confidence and knowledge that will help them succeed in any sphere.”
Nana A. | Community Engagement and Development

“As a result of working with Chris-Ann, I received greater visibility when it came to submitting job applications – I got 4 back-to-back job interviews after she edited my resume and cover letter! I would most definitely recommend these services to anyone – especially to those who might be on the fence. The help and support are, without question, high-caliber and have never let me down.”

Ricardo R. | Customer Service Management

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